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Gilbert, AZ


I would like to apply for your company’s position as advertised through an online job search engine. My education in Applied Computer Sciences would benefit your company significantly. As an applied computer science major at Arizona State University, I have studied many different styles of programming. I have listed below my key strengths and background in software development.
  • Creating and manipulating JAVA program
  • Mobile application developer such as android application develop
  • Concept of Linux shell script programming (AWK, SED, Perl ) and implementations
  • C/C++ programming
  • Background knowledge with Assembly language and MIPS
  • Scala, Prolog, and Python programming
  • Basic notepad, Eclipse tool, Net beans, and Visual Studio

Work Experience


Arduino Mega Board,


  • Developing Arduino programming with Arduino Mega Board ( Embedded C programming)
  • Developing Python with Arduino

failure tester -Honeywell

Touch Screen,

2011 2011

  • As a team member of touch screen testing on capstone project, I made with vision document and user case document and planning document for building database for touch screen testing.

android application developer


2011 2011

I created to a prototype of car budget planner with Google document as semester final application.
Software Project - TS-7300 board LED programming (2011)
  • As a class project, I worked with TS-7300 board LED programming.
Software Project- C++ and prolog projects (2011)
  • I worked with several C++ projects and prolog projects as class project.
Software Project-Network programming, Cryptography programming with Java & Scala (2011)
  • I worked socket, thread programming, and cryptography programming with Java as class projects.
  • I also worked Scala programming as class projects.

Class Research

Parallel Computing,

2011 2011

  • “Parallel computing is the simultaneous use of multiple compute resources to solve a computational problem”
  • I researched parallel computing as class research paper.



2010 2010

in software engineering class, I fixed several bugs and added a feature in a game using SVN.
Software Project- Database Programming (2010)
  • I worked with several database programming as class projects.
Software Project-Intel Assembly Programming (2009, 2011)
  • I worked with several Intel-Assembly-Programming as class projects.
Software Project-MIPS programming (2010)
  • I worked with several MIPS programming as class projects.
Software Project-Shell programming (2010)
  • I worked with several shell programming (sed, awk, and perl) on Unix/Linux as class projects.


Research Paper- Cloud Computing,

2010 2010

  • I researched cloud computing as class research paper. As I learned how to start of cloud computing and why this need and what current state and what problem does have it.

Research & Presentation- Internet Information Security,

2009 2009

  • I researched and presented about "New attack cracks common Wi-Fi encryption in a minute" as a class project presentation.


Applied Computer Science

Arizona State University,


Associate in Liberal Art and Science

Des Moines Area Community College,


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