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Computer Engineering Student

Gainesville, FL


Seeking a summer internship in the field of computer science where I can utilize my skills, knowledge and professional experience.

Work Experience

Software Developer

EDSS Pvt. Ltd,

Mar 2009Jul 2010

  • Designed and implemented the following projects for HIT-OFFICE, a construction management software: o Data Integration tool: A windows application to integrate data from various sources such as MS Excel, MS
SQL Server, MS Access into the underlying database of HIT-OFFICE.
o Enterprise Scheduler: A background Windows Service which scheduled and executed "jobs". It automated
various activities like Report Generation, Sending notifications via email, and various data driven activities.
  • Contributed in development of a web-based CRM system for the company using PHP & MySQL.
o Added capabilities for license management, contact management, support requests and new feature request.
  • Fixed critical bugs during the release cycles and actively participated in quality assurance activities.
  • Interacted with clients to understand their requirements and expected product features.
  • Worked on development of an Integrated Inventory Management System catering to the needs of construction
companies and material suppliers.


Master of Science in Computer Engineering

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

University of Pune, Pune, Maharashtra



  • Languages: C, C++, Java, C#, Visual C++, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, UML, XML
  • Databases: Oracle 9i, MS SQL SERVER 2005, MS Access, MySQL
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux
  • IDEs/Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio 2005/08, Tortoise SVN, Rational Rose

Additional Information

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) v1.5

Academic Projects
  • Implemented Min Leftist Tree & Fibonacci Heap in Java.
  • Evaluation and comparison of Java and Scala for concurrent Programming
o Implemented classical concurrency problems in Java and Scala
o Explored concurrent programming constructs in both the languages.
  • Distributed Sorting Application: Implemented using multithreading and sockets in Java
  • Object search in videos: Implemented using C#.
o Performed feature extraction, feature description on template images of objects and video frames.
o Compared the descriptors of object templates with the video frames to determine a match.
  • Library Management System: Implemented using Java and Oracle 9i.
  • Retail Management System (Automobile Retailer): Implemented using Visual basic, Oracle 9i
o Developed as a software engineering project, modeled on the needs of automobile retailers
o Performed management of sales, inventory, customer, bookings and after-sale services.
  • Network Chat Application: Implemented using Java.
  • Academic Seminar: Biometric Face & Iris Recognition Systems.
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