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Computer Science Engineer


  • Detail oriented and passionate professional graduate with Dual Masters in Computer Science and Software Engineering.
  • Established C++ application developer, implementing machine learning algorithms like Back-propagation, genetic algorithms and evolutionary computing.
  • Passionate about functional programming, designing and implementing large scalable services.
  • Demonstrated Graduate Research Assistant at Data Analytics and Optimization Lab implementing novel machine learning and statistical approaches.
  • Over 2 years research experience in developing professional grade solutions using Python.
  • Proficiency in key statistical techniques like predictive modeling, logistic regression, decision trees, data mining methods, forecasting, neural networks and other advanced statistical techniques.
  • Experience in Clustering, Regression, Time Series Forecasting, Stochastic processes, Decision Theory and Bayesian methods.
  • Big data experience using R, Python, Hadoop / Map-Reduce.
  • Practical experience with the Scala programming language, Play web framework and Spark eco-system.
  • Ability to quickly learn complex systems and new technologies.
  • Expertise in Web services, XML, JSON and developing web applications using MVC architectures.
  • Interested in developing high-performance, robust and real time web applications.


 Masters in Computer Science & Engineering, Wright State University (WSU)

Dayton, OH, USA. [Jan 2014 – Dec 2015]. GPA: 3.55.

 Masters in Software Engineering, VIT University

Vellore, TamilNadu, India. 05/2013. GPA: 3.7.


Technical Skills:

Programming Skills

C#, Visual Basic, C, C++, JAVA, SQL, Blender Script, Scheme.

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux.


MYSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle SQL.

Web Technologies:

HTML, XML, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, REST/SOAP, 

High Charts API, Angular JS.


Asterisk PBX (VOIP Utilities), Nagios, git, sbt, Apache Maven.


Data analytics tools:

Play Framework, Android Application Framework, Apache Thrift, 

Google Cloud Messaging, Akka (Actors API), Lucene, Solr.

R, scala, Hadoop MapReduce, Python, scikit-learn.

Work Experience:

Graduate Research Assistant

Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio

Jan 2014Dec 2015

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Developed a Desktop Utility to solve and visualize Warehouse Inventory Transportation problem (analyzing the three-way interaction among warehousing, inventory, and transportation decisions).
  • One of selected few students to work in two NSF funded projects.
  • Built analytical foundations from scratch for a new science of visual experience that will bridge basic approaches from cognitive science and systems engineering using python and blender script.
  • Developed a Web application as an educational tool or as visualizing standpoint for all the solutions created by various policies using High Charts API.

Associate Software Engineer

Accenture, Chennai, India

May 2013Dec 2013

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Developed Festival Event Registration System using Spring MVC architecture and MySQL as backend.
  • Foresaw software engineering principles, production code quality, and regular use of design patterns.

Software Engineering Intern

Velti, Chennai, India

Jan 2013May 2013

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Implemented Core Java concepts in developing their internal application.
  • Actively developed an Android application to communicate with webserver and deliver instant messages to all connected devices.
  • Gained experience in developing SpringMVC components for a billing project which has very large user flow.

Data Science Projects

Varying regularization in Multi-layer Perceptron:
Technologies used: Python, sci-kit learn
  • Learnt foundations of Neural Network by building a feed-forward artificial neural network model.
  • A comparison of different values for regularization parameter ‘alpha’ on synthetic data sets.
  • Used Python and sci-kit learn examples to classify different features of the data-set.

Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Strategies - Soft Computing:
Technologies used:  C++
  • This academic project involves in getting familiar with Rosenbrock Function.
  • Compared SGA & ES algorithms using large test set by optimizing functions.
  • Improved the performance of GA by modifying bits, mutation rate and self adaptation.

Music Meta Data Processing using Hadoop Map - Reduce:
Technologies used: Hadoop Map Reduce, Java
  • Processed the meta data sets coming with million music tracks.
  • Implemented the mapper to parse the data from data sets to generate intermediate outputs which will then be further analyzed and aggregated by the reducer.
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