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Sears Holdings India, Pune


A software developer with a passion for solving problems



Java 7, Scala 2.8, Object Oriented Javascript, Apache Pig, Apache Hive, Ecmascript 6, PHP 5.5, Python 2, Groovy, Bash Scripting


J2EE, Apache Hadoop, YARN, Akka, Ember.js, JSF 2, Hibernate 3, Spring 3, Spring MVC, Drupal, Apache Mahout, Apache Spark, IBatis, jQuery, prototype.js, CSS2, HTML4, Jersey (REST ful services)


MySQL, Mongodb, SQL Server, Neo4j


Javacc, Git, SVN, Maven, Apache Tomcat, Nginx, Composer, Npm, Bower, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Sqoop

Problems solved (Rev. Chronological)

  • Wrote ad-hoc scripts using Python and Bash to solve simple/medium complexity problems
  • Developed a mobile application for iOS and Android using Apache Cordova, ES6 and Ember.js
  • Enhanced performance of several Apache Pig jobs from hours to minutes
  • Wrote ETL pipelines using Apache Pig
  • Set up an YARN cluster for running Map-Reduce and Apache Spark jobs along with performance tuning of the cluster using hdfs-site.xml, core-site.xml etc and other Hadoop Admin Work
  • Developed dashboards with Mongodb as the backend
  • Enhanced performance of some Web Based UIs using techniques such as event delegation and back end engineering using techniques such as batching, bandwidth optimization, connection pooling, smart indexing
  • Developed an async io based application using Akka and Scala to solve the problem of easily aggregrating data fetched from different web service endpoints in a scalable way
  • Used Object Oriented Design techniques such as SOLID, DRY and KISS
  • Developed real time and scalable Web Crawlers using PHP and Nginx for competitive business intelligence
  • Developed item classification capabilities using machine learning algorithms such as Naive Bayes and Linear Regression with Apache Mahout
  • Developed and maintained a large web application using Drupal features such as Page Manager, Views with contextual filters and relationships, Internationalization, Web Services, Panels, Path Auto
  • Developed and maintained large data ingestion jobs
  • Developed RESTful web services using Jersey and Spring MVC
  • Developed and enhanced a large multi threaded application with use of Threads, Latches, Executor Pools and heavy use of deep nested Java generic types
  • Developed a custom DSL using Javacc (Similar to Antlr) which included techniques like LL(k) parsing (Top Down Parsing), Infinite lookaheads, Token Pre and Post Processors, Lexical state augmentation, Lexical context switching
  • Used SQL Server profiling tools to debug difficult production issues related to query performance and occasional Heisenbugs
  • Improved web page performance of the entire application using techniques such as optimizing response headers, optimizing resource compression and concatenation, optimizing web page dependency retrieval, image serialization, sprites, comet techniques with Atmosphere, CSS selector optimizations, javascript dom retrieval optimizations, event delegation, script loaders and fixing memory leaks
  • Developed difficult to render HTML markup with the constraints of IE QuirksMode
  • Developed a custom JSF implementation, similar to IceFaces/PrimeFaces, for use within the organization. Hacked and customized the reference JSF implementation from Mojarra. Heavy use of Ajax support from JSF 2 and Object Oriented Javascript
  • Developed several complicated screens using Java, JSF, Hibernate, Spring and SQL Server. Used several Hibernate storage strategies. Worked on writing custom user types, lazy loaders, id generators, spring interceptors and spring lifecycle event listeners

Other professional activities

Defining criteria for interviews
Taking L1 and L2 interviews

Intern and new joinee training
Conducting training

Code Quality
Doing Code reviews
Doing Design reviews

Project Management
Mostly agile method of working
Maintaining Agile boards and planning tasks for team members
Managing teams

Organizational Events
Planning and executing organization tech events
Conducting organization wide technical sessions on various topics

Several awards for technical and behavioral excellence

Work Experience


Sears Holdings India, Pune

Dec 2012Current

Developed and enhanced several applications in the Online Catalog Management and Pricing business units

Associate Software Architect

Synygy India, Pune

Jul 2008Nov 2012

Developed and enhanced the company's sales performance management product.

Developer and UX Designer

DILP, India

Sep 2008Current

Helped develop a web portal for a registered non-profit organization using Drupal and PHP.


B.E. Computers

MESCOE, Pune University, Pune


Titles and Achievements
Microsoft Student Partner
Leader of the computer department student wing
Helped organize and execute the annual college tech fest

Aggregate Percentage

HSC, 12th Grade

St. Vincents Junior College, Pune


Aggregate Percentage


Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics


SSC, 10th Grade

St Vincents High School, Pune


Aggregate Percentage



Reading about Physics, Computers, Medicine and Spirituality


All figures are rounded and all  content is an approximate recollection from memory
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