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Big Data Architect & Team Leader

8 years of experience


I have over 8 years of experience in building various systems, both from the field of near real time applications and Big Data distributed systems, working vastly with Apache Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Solr, Elastic and Graph DB both on the Operations and the Development side. Experienced in developing distributed applications using java, python and node.js

Areas Of Expertise

  • Information Retrieval - Structured, Unstructured & Geo Data
  • Large-Scale Distributed Data Processing Systems
  • Big Data Systems & ETL Frameworks - Stream & Batch
  • Graph DB Data Modeling
  • Machine Learning & Data Mining
  • Python, Java & Node.js

    Work Experience

    Big Data Architect & Team Leader

    Prime Minister's Office

    Feb 2014Current

    I designed and developed large-scale distributed data processing systems for information retrieval, data mining and machine learning:

    • Organizational hub infrastructure for consolidation, analysis, enrichment, and ETL pipelines, run on large-scale storage systems. I designed event driven and lambda architecture (stream and batch processing). Using the following technologies: Hadoop, Kafka, Spark stream, Java, Scala, Python and Node.js
    • I developed analysis, entity extraction, construction, data enrichment ,pattern recognition, and data mining processes. Using the following technologies: HDFS, Spark ML & SQL, MapReduce, Java, Scala, Python
    • I developed data services/API for information retrieval in cyber systems. Using the following technologies: Apache Solr, Elastic, Python, Node.js.
    • deployed Graph DB infrastructure based on Apache tinkerpop, Gremlin server, Cassandra and Apache Solr. In addition, I designed Graph Data Model for various kinds of data.

    Big Data Architect & Information Retrieval Expert

    IDF - 8200 Unit

    Feb 2012Feb 2014

    I Built an information retrieval  infrastructure  - Distributed Search Engine for 300 million documents in different languages (index of 5 terabytes). Handling performance, scale, availability, accuracy and monitoring:

    • I did depth research on information retrieval issues and developed prototypes quickly.
    • I developed a platform for information retrieval and indexing for search engine named SOLR.. The platform  includes java map-reduce job for indexing and python Rest API for searching.
    • I developed an advanced retrieval plugins for solr, such as relevance feedback, grouping and clustering. Using the following technologies: Java, Solr.
    • I developed a semantic search engine, based on  relationships between extracted entities. Using the following technologies: Java, Solr, Neo4j.

    CTO & Founder


    Mar 2011Feb 2012

    I devloped indoor positioning platform for mobile applications - The algorithm learns and maps sealed areas such as stores in shopping center using various types of electromagnetic radiation. I developed the algorithm as Solr index Plugin and Solr query Plugin.

    Senior Java Developer

    Malam Team (AlphaCsp)

    Mar 2010Mar 2011

    • IQPatforms (startup) - I developed Enterprise Application Generator - Building applications by systems analysts. The main components: defining entities, defining business rules and building a user interface.
    • LookupPage  (startup) - I developed an API for searching, construction and management of the entities in CRM

    Java Developer

    IAF - Ofek Unit

    Feb 2008Mar 2010

    I developed BI system for data analysis , trend analysis and anomaly detection. The main components: Data engine, graphics engine and Web user interface. Using the following technologies: Pure Java, Jsp, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL


    B.Sc. Computer Science

    Open University of Israel, Tel Aviv


    Hadoop & Spark

    Cloudera, Tel Aviv


    Java 8

    John Bryce Hi-Tech College, Tel-Aviv, Tel Aviv


    Programming Course

    IDF - The computer center and information systems Unit


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