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Data Research Executive, Einsights



To facilitate decision making with data. 


Data Research Executive

Einsights, Singapore

Jul 2014Current

Einsights BI is a simple, self-service BI platform for executives which helps them to analyze and understand their business with natural language queries. 

As an early stage startup employee, I was involved in product development from ground up and various alignments as the product matured.

  • Implemented and integrated graph based Query Engine, which translates NL queries to SQL.
  • Led a team of 3 engineers to build query suggestion functionality- A feature for type ahead assistance of BI queries.
Data Engineering
  • As a part of a data migration and Re-Architecture team that was responsible for pivoting Einsights BI from a NOSQL to SQL solution, I created Schema Manager component and migration scripts for AWS platform.
  • Implemented Query processor which executes various analytical operations.
  • Re-designed and developed an ETL pipeline using Spring XD.
Analytics and Research
  • Cleaned and prepared data for ingestion into the development/test repository and the BI environments.
  • Analysed data and prepared interactive data analysis and insights for clients in sales and marketing segment, Automated these tasks. 
  • Worked with clustering, classification, and prediction algorithms to provide solutions on customer profiling, lead scoring, revenue prediction and funnel management.
  • Identified data integrity problems , Communicated about alignment and integration with Einsights data extraction platform.
  • For blog. Recent article:
  • Involved in visualization framework implementation for Einsights BI.
  • Built custom visualisation for clients (Consulting).
Client Engineering
  • Engaged with clients to help user adoption by conducting webinars and demo sessions.
  • Designed and developed easily-digestible storylines to aid and promote data-driven decisions.

Research Assistant,SMART


Apr 2013Jul 2013

At the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), I was a part of Simmobility team whose aim is to understand, what drives and shapes the demand for mobility both by individuals and by businesses, and how the availability of transportation affects their life choices such as housing, work, and educational or recreational options.
  • Designed, developed and integrated Crawlers which helped model the housing market in Singapore.
  • Worked on Database design and management.
  • Bash scripts to automate ETL tasks.


Cognizant Technology Solutions, Bangalore

Dec 2011Dec 2012

  • Designed and developed restful services, UI handlers, core services and data access layer for an internal application to automate and manage training.
  • Developed SQL queries for data-analysis and data extraction and maintained database objects like Tables, Views, Indexes, Constraints, Sequences, indexes and Triggers.
  • Got trained in SAP master data management and managed entity relationships and data for Philips client.

Developer intern

Oracle, Bangalore

May 2011Aug 2011

  • Built Forms Manager ,which is a tool within Oracle Financial Service Analytical Applications Infrastructure platform whose purpose is to facilitate other developers in developing various banking applications that run on OFSAAI.
  • Used Smart Google Web Toolkit to implement the user interface to optimize rendering as well as throughput of data objects.
  • Created customized plots and charts to aid in the visualization of financial data .


MTech in Knowledge Engineering

National University Of Singapore, Singapore


  • Graduate Coursework:  Knowledge Based Systems, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Mining Massive Datasets, Rule Based Systems, AI-Principles and Techniques, Data Mining Methodology and Methods, Business Analytics, Software Prototyping, Cloud Computing
  • For the module Business Analytics, developed a system that uses data driven metrics and strategies to optimize marketing campaign (R).
  • Rule based QA system for a university database.
  • Developed a load balancer for shipments using genetic algorithms.
  • Built an ecommerce website for Software prototyping module. (Python).
  • Product Recommender: A recommendation system for e-commerce website.
  • Built an IOS mobile App called "Bulletino" which digitizes notice boards. (Objective-C)

B.Sc. in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

Christ University, Bangalore


  •  It was a triple major course, with on overall methodology to approaching practical data problems.
  • Graduate Coursework: Regression Analysis ,Sampling Distributions and its Applications, Design and Analysis of Experiment , Survey Methodology, Statistical Learning, Statistical Inference, Programming Methodology, Data Structures and Algorithms, Software Engineering Software Systems Design.    


  • Best Design : Ministry of Manpower Hackathon: Built "Viewbot" which helped in analyzing, qualitative features from “Accidents” data which go unnoticed in conventional measurements.”“
  • 1st prize Winner, Clean and Green Hackathon, National Environment Agency (June 2015). Green Sense is a solution to help reduce littering at public places, using data and efficient communication strategies : 
  • 2nd Prize Winner Devpost Hackathon (October 2015), Won the hackathon conducted by Whispir Technologies at Devpost :
  • 1st, Grand Prize Winner: Sabre Destination Hackathon October 2016 In the hackathon conducted by Sabre, built Moments: which aimed at providing relevant recommendations to travelers while they arrive at a particular destination. This also provides opportunity for travel agents to upsell various tickets, along with flight tickets by providing relevant insights and recommendations on events and activities.
  • Finalist, Singapore Airlines app challenge ( My team reached to top 6 among 50 participating teams.
  • EiWowed award (Einsights) winner three times for performance on product development.

Additional Experiences

  • Volunteer DataKind Singapore (August -2014 -Present) :
    • Worked with NGOs and Nonprofits to solve their problems using data. Recently, worked with HOME ( and helped them to empower migrant workers by providing actionable insights from their datasets.
    • Data Ambassador for projectshare, Hongkong ( Worked on deriving summary and inference  from a survey conducted on underprivileged youths in HongKong:
  • Volunteer: Cause Corps
    • Core member of Singapore chapter of Causecorps. Involved in organising meetups and events for micro volunteering.
  • Data Storytelling
    • Learn and share on visualisation and storytelling. Recent talk at Microsoft for R user group.
    • Open Data Research and Visualisation
      • Tableau public profile:


  • Music : Guitar Meetup organizer
  • Cooking : Cooking meetup organizer
  • Writing :
  • Public Speaking: Member of BV Toastmasters club
  • Cricket
  • Traveling


  • Java;R ;Python;Objective-C; SQL; Scala, Haskell (Beginner)
  • VIM;Git;Bash
  • Talend Open Studio; Pentaho Kettle; Tableau; Amazon Web Services
  • Data Architecture, Data Warehousing (DW), Business Intelligence (BI) and Master Data Management (MDM), ETL/ELT OLAP - Time Series data analysis

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